There Are Some Condominium Decoration Tips That You Can Try

Decorating a condo can be a fun thing for you to do. There are various decoration styles that might be suitable for your condo unit. So that you can choose the style of decoration that is suitable for your unit, we will share some tips that you can try, so that the interior of your Verticus condo unit will look more beautiful.

Here are some condo decoration tips that you can try:

A decoration that looks chic and elegant

To make the condos look chic and elegant, focus your search on items that have dark colors such as dark brown, beige, and gray. Also, you must choose lighting that can illuminate the entire Verticus condo unit’s room and you must choose the furniture that is polished and classy.

Inspired by Nature

The nuances of condos inspired by nature can make the mind become fresher. To get a condominium with a natural impression, you can widen the window so that sunlight can enter more maximally into your condo. Sunray can also reduce the consumption of electricity.


If you want to apply the minimalist design in your Verticus showflat unit, you need to avoid large and fancy furniture pieces. You can use simple office items to keep them neat and clean. You can also add a hanging bookcase or a chandelier to add an accent to the room.


To get a vintage style, you can consider using a number of wooden items that have colors such as brown, maroon, green or white, and orange and red. You can also place more additional vintage decorative items. Also, add black and white photos on the wall, so it looks more retro.

Futuristic theme

You can also turn the interior of your condo unit so it looks like a room from the future, or it looks like the interior of a space ship. Although this kind of decoration can be quite expensive, as long as you have the budget, you will be able to do it properly. You must choose furniture pieces with unconventional shapes, while the colors should be limited to white, black, gray, and chrome. You may also add a few bold colors so your room doesn’t look lame, but the application of these bold colors must be limited strictly.

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