Cheapest Longboard Providers


Longboarding is one of the coolest sports of the latest decade. However the sport isn’t very affordable.

Longboard prices can vary from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars for a professional longboard. The longboard sport is much more expensive than the skateboard industry because the huge demand for longboards and the relative low amount of longboard suppliers. Also longboards are often made of more expensive material such as bamboo. This makes the sport expensive for students and other people who can’t spend too much money. The purpose of this article therefore is to give an indication of the cheapest longboard suppliers around Summit Board.

Extreme Sports Trader

This is a British website that is a sort of Craigslist for extreme sports. You can find a great variety of longboards here for cheap prices. The only disadvantage is that the longboards provided are mainly from the United Kingdom, so shipping costs to the United States will be higher.


eBay is a good resource for cheap longboards. Especially the British, German and Spanish versions of eBay are recommended. The supply is big and you can immediately see which suppliers are credible and which ones are to be avoided. You are furthermore protected by eBay’s buyer rules. This is a highly recommended place to start searching for beginners.

Skateboard Express

This is great Australian outlet for longboards. The longboards here are directly shipped from the factory to the customer. You don’t have to pay here for marketing and shelf space. The service is good too. However the shipping costs is a bit high, but even then this shop is much cheaper than all normal stores.


Another good option is specialized longboard forums. The longboards found here are with distance the cheapest. However you have to be careful, you never know for sure if the seller is credible. Therefore it is advised to only buy from authoritative people on the forum like admins or moderators.


There is no best option to buy longboards. However each option has its pros and cons. EBay is highly recommended for beginners, while forums should only be used by more experienced long boarders. The Skateboard Express is the cheapest provider of brand new longboards. Extreme sports trader is only recommended for British people, although it does no harm for foreigners to look here for a second hand longboard for sale. All in all you can’t go wrong with all of these options.

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